Review: The Friedkin Connection: A Memoir

The Friedkin Connection: A Memoir
The Friedkin Connection: A Memoir by William Friedkin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

William Friedkin talks about his life and (mostly) his career in The Friedkin Connection. All of your favorite 60s & 70s film industry folks (Charlie Bluhdorn, Bob Evans, and the triumvirate of Coppola, Spielberg, and Lucas) make appearances. Friedkin considers how his admitted hubris and conceit has taken its toll on his personal relationships and his career.

Although it didn’t have quite as many inside-filmmaking anecdotes as I would have liked, this is an unstintingly self-critical look at a director’s many obsessions. It definitely made me want to check out his later films, since I’ve only seen “The French Connection” and “The Exorcist.” Recommended for fans of books about filmmaking.

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