Review: Gin and Daggers

Gin and Daggers
Gin and Daggers by Donald Bain
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The first of the “Murder, She Wrote” tie-in novels. Jessica’s off to London to speak at a mystery writers’ conference, when a dear friend, the world’s foremost mystery writer, is murdered in her own home. Jessica’s immediately declared a suspect, and as she forges a friendship with a Scotland Yard investigator, she realizes her life may also be in danger.

Interestingly, a subplot concerns the possible ghostwriting of an elderly writer’s mystery novel (the novel is called “Gin and Daggers”) by a younger man. The writer of these books, Donald Bain, has long been suspected to be the ghostwriter of Margaret Truman’s mystery novels. In the second book in the series, “Manhattans and Murder,” which I have previously reviewed, we are told that Jessica Fletcher is reading a Margaret Truman novel. Shout-out to a friend, or clue to a mystery? Hmmm.

The characterizations are a bit uneven in these initial novels, so I’ll be interested to see how later novels match up.

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